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Taking to the skies, seeing the landscape change as new buildings rise for the development of society. Skyhawk Vision is there to deliver a service which helps you in your construction, inspection and marketing needs.

What can Skyhawk Vision do for you?

Aerial construction progress service

Tracking your construction project is a big task in itself. Construction project managers or building supervisors need a way to keep tab of the current progress of the build. Traditionally taking photos from the ground using cameras or smart phones is enough to get a good understanding of the progress. However, it does not provide managers an overall view of the job site, the building and it’s surroundings such as nearby commodities, building’s position relative to it’s neighbours, ground elevation and much more. Using high resolution aerial photography and video, Skyhawk Vision can provide you a solution to help you keep track of your construction needs. Check our Aerial Construction Progress Service for more details.

Who can use this service?

1. Property and commercial builders. For executives, project managers, estimators and supervisors in keeping track and getting ahead of their project needs. See how and check our Post page for more examples.

2. Home owners. Providing homebuyers an aerial view of the current stage of construction. Useful for homebuyers that do not have the capability to travel onsite and do regular check ups. Check out our Aerial Home Progress Package.

3. Property inspectors.  Inspecting property indoors is easy, what about the roof and inaccessible areas? Let Skyhawk Vision help you in obtaining aerial photography and video. See how and check our Post page for more examples.

4. Architecture firms. Seeing your design come to life is a wonderful feeling. Skyhawk Vision can capture that specific angle which you envision when you drew that special building on paper.

Aerial mapping and surveying service

With photogrammetry technology we can triangulate and get accurate measurements using photos at different points around the area. By mapping the surface with aerial photography Skyhawk Vision will provide you accurate elevation levels, point-to-point measurements and 3D modelling data. Skyhawk Vision’s aerial mapping and surveying service is one way of providing you a cost effective solution which can prevent any engineering problems before construction.

Who can use this service?

1. Construction firms. A cost effective way of obtaining accurate measuring data and land elevation information, that can help your engineers and project managers make critical decisions, preventing any trouble before proceeding with any construction. See how and check our Post page for more examples.

2. Solar panel installation services. Obtaining accurate measurements from up-to-date aerial mapping images, is another cost effective solution in estimating solar panel installations on roof tops.

3. Agriculture. Aerial imagery have an advantage in capturing live data from a range of sensors to perform in-depth analysis of crop health and more.

Marketing services

Seeing the land for all it’s wonder, let Skyhawk Vision help your business in capturing that beautiful shot. We cater to creative marketers yet maintaining a strict safety flight policy compliant to CASA’s regulations.

Who can use this service?

1. Publications and Marketers. Aerial imagery is on the rise and Skyhawk Vision can give you that creative flavour to your marketing needs.

2. Real estate video and photography. Be ahead of the game and market your property at a different level. Aerial photography and video gives your advertising needs the winning edge.

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Check our Post page and see examples of how Skyhawk Vision can help you with your projects.