Aerial Construction Progress Service

Progress photos are an extra task for most site supervisors simply because they’re too busy to take the photos. This does not help construction managers in keeping track of the buildings under their care.

Home buyers wanting progress photos from the builder only to obtain blurry and indistinguishable pictures. Home buyers always want to know the progress of their house, especially those who are interstate or overseas.

The Service

Skyhawk Vision is dedicated to keeping track of your property construction progress by taking aerial photos and videos for the company. This will alleviate the extra responsibility for your site supervisors, construction managers and in-house inspectors. 


1. Ease the responsibility for progress shots from your site supervisors and in-house building inspectors.

2. Get aerial 360 degree photos and video of the building. See roof exterior for any damages and overall framing and construction flaws etc.

3. Get accurate aerial surveying measurements for your estimators and architects. See elevation levels and high-resolution maps to catch conflicts sooner.

4. Keep imagery records which helps track with construction reports. Gives construction managers better project overview.

5. Provide home buyers with high resolution aerial progress photos and videos.

How it works:

1. Skyhawk Vision coordinates with the construction manager or site supervisor to determine the current stage of each construction.

2. On-site visits at planned intervals of construction will be conducted to capture aerial imagery.

3. Imagery will be provided the soonest, based on builder’s requirements, either:

A. Builder’s external HDD and delivered to HQ; 

B . Or a dedicated platform provided by the builder for digital transfer. FTP, Cloud Storage etc. Digitally stored on Skyhawk Vision’s private file hosting platform. A download link will be provided to the builder.