Aerial Home Progress Package

Because building your own home is more than a construction project; it’s the great Australian dream coming to life. At Skyhawk Vision, we offer a range of services that help you track your dream, as it becomes reality.

Our Aerial Home Progress package gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to document the construction of your home at the following stages of construction.


1Foundation of your house
2Wall frames raised
3Capping off the roof
4Completion of your home

For each stage of construction above, simply select the level of coverage you want below  to create a tailor made package just for you and your dream home.

Example: If you want only photos for stage 1, video for stages 2 and 3 and finally a combination of photos + videos for stage 4, you can do so. Simply select what type of service for each stages.


Basic1 aerial photo $119
Standard3 aerial photos $135
Premium6 aerial photos$159
Basic30 sec. edited video at 1080p $149
Standard1 min. edited video at 1080p $189
Premium1 min. edited video at 4K res.$229