Drone Mapping Reduces Utility Location Times by up to 50%

ReconnTECH Uses DroneDeploy to Disrupt the Field Inspection Industry.

Call before you dig. From individual homeowners to major construction companies, anyone who has ever undertaken an excavation project knows this routine. For their part, major field inspection company USIC performs over 70 million such underground utility locates each year. This process — which involves both detecting utilities and creating a record of their GPS coordinates — is pretty straightforward, but when it is scaled up to include tens of thousands of locations, the time and associated costs begin to mount. Learn how USIC reduced costs, drove productivity in the field and improved data quality by integrating drone mapping into their existing enterprise workflows. Continue reading “Drone Mapping Reduces Utility Location Times by up to 50%”

Drone Mapping Saves Money, Time and Trees on Custom Home Construction Project

Tilt Rock of Texas Uses DroneDeploy Maps to Improve Real-Time Communication at Canyonside Project

By Nick Johnson, Contract Project Manager and Owner, Tilt Rock of Texas

On a construction site, time is money. For large, custom home projects, real-time communication is a major issue. Design plans change almost daily, and with so many variables at play, it can be difficult to get new information out to everyone in a timely manner. Conflicts quickly snowball, often going undiscovered until crews have already completed a costly installation. Drone mapping gives project managers intuitive, real-time data that can be used to keep everyone informed and on track.

I’ve been in construction for forty years and a contractor-owner for twenty-five years. My experience ranges from Solar Energy to Heavy Highway, Bridge and Underground Utilities. Currently, I am a Contract Project Manager and Owner of Tilt Rock of Texas. I also own TheDroneSpace, Inc., which I started this year so that I could continue to advance my drone services. My goal is to eventually provide drone services full time.

I found out about drones when I watched a video showcasing a drone, and I immediately connected the dots for drone use in construction. As was the case on the Canyonside project, which I’ve described below, aerial imagery can save project owners a substantial amount of time and money.

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An Aerial View of Your Job Site

The Early Days — Warranty Inspections

Roger’s-O’Brien first started using drones because they saw them as a faster, safer and more cost-effective way of performing warranty inspections.

Before drones, “We had two options, a man lift and a swing stage. The man lift would cost $3,500 to rent one and get it on site in two days. Flying a drone is safer option, and it’s cheaper and faster. We’re able to capture the data right there, process it that day and have it in hand,” said Jesse.

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Keep Your Construction Project on Track with Drone Mapping

Project Managers Use Drone Maps to Communicate with Stakeholders, Monitor Progress and More

More and more, project managers are finding drone mapping to be an indispensable tool during all phases of construction. Easy-to-use software allows them to create high-resolution orthomosaic, elevation and 3D maps in a matter of hours. Combined with built-in measurement tools and annotations, they can keep real-time tabs on projects and identify potential issues before they become costly. Continue reading “Keep Your Construction Project on Track with Drone Mapping”